After 10 years of international collaboration with Energinet, and 5 years of construction, the world’s longest subsea and land interconnector between the UK and Denmark was switched on. To mark this world-first announcement, we had to develop a suite of messaging supported by a showcase film to be included in the media pack and as the staple piece of our online campaign.
The benefits of the Viking Link were vast, including saving UK consumers up to £500 in the first 10 years and powering up to 2.5m UK homes. So all eyes were on us to ensure we announced this asset with real impact. 
Timelines, multiple approvers, senior leadership, external partnershops, language barriers and a 2 week lead time to develop the campaign.
We focussed on LinkedIn as the target channel to ensure industry leaders and competitors were enagaging first. Secondary was Twitter to connect publically with MP's
The video
Development of the narrative xxxxx
Particular successes
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