I’m highly creative with a background in communications, campaign management, brand development, and visual storytelling. I’ve spent the last eleven years in a global, complex organisation which has given my creative brain a keen business edge.  

As a person, I’m friendly, passionate, and absolutely a team player. I enjoy working with varied cultures. Something I’m very used to, working in a global environment where distance and time zones are no issue. As a professional, I’m a combination of storyteller and creative, mixed with business strategy. I strive to add meaning and context to messaging, creating something that blends an emotional human connection with the overarching business objective. 

Outside of the corporate world, I am an avid illustrator, fine artist and producer in the world of film and theatre. Take a look around my site with the highlights of this varied career, and if you don’t have the password for my digital C.V. please drop me a message and I’ll provide it for you.

Thank you!
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